By enrolling in a Behavioral Interview Package with an Interview Coach, we’ll ensure you not only deliver your best performance, but also separate yourself from the pack when answering behavioral case interview questions. You’ll be taught to highlight your strengths, manage your weaknesses, and form a relationship with your interviewer.

How It Works

  1. Schedule your prep sessions online by coach, date, and time
  2. Fill-out our background form to provide contact info and details about your interview status
  3. Complete your purchase via PayPal (account or credit card)
  4. During the sessions we will:

  • Design your interview prep plan
  • Conduct mock interview customized for your target firms
  • Discuss your performance across a variety of metrics
  • Review best-practices
  • Hone development areas

Many students don’t appreciate the importance of behavioral interview questions. In our experiences as a strategy consultants recruiting at top-tier universities, the behavioral test has always been weighted equally with the case interview. Even more importantly, most recruiters give little lenience for a poor behavioral interview, as they expect students to be comfortable and confident in expressing their personal brand.

Behavioral / Fit Prep

  • Single Fit Interview
  • $68 ÷ $85k Undergrad Comp = 0.08%*
  • $68 ÷ $180k MBA Comp = 0.04%*
  • Story Development Training
  • Mock Interviews & Instruction
  • Networking Tips & Tricks

*Serves only to provide perspective, and assumes a conservative entry-level compensation in consulting

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