ball w racket

How confident are you in your tennis skills after watching Federer vs. Nadal at Wimbledon? How about after an hour of returning shots from the ball machine? If this was the entirety of your tennis instruction, would you be ready to step on the court with confidence? Of course not!

Consulting interviews are no different. Live case interview prep is the only way to ensure that when it’s game time, you’re ready to play ball. Consider this:

Reading case books = Watching a tennis match.

You see the flow of the interaction, what makes a performance strong, and what common errors you should avoid. However, when you step onto the court, it will be obvious that you haven’t fully developed the skills required to compete at an elite level, even if you can mimic some of what you observed.

The case books provide candidates with a baseline understanding, but don’t forget, nearly every other candidate is starting from the same base! Your case interview prep must incorporate muscle-building, reflex-honing live action.

Your fellow classmates = Your practice wall.

You can fire away case responses, and they will provide counter responses. However, those responses may lack diversity or depth. While beneficial for extra practice, the wall isn’t dynamic. It can’t correct your footwork or adjust your racket grip, nor is it capable of customizing its approach to your specific skills and weaknesses.

We recommend you learn the correct approach from an expert before launching into practice with friends. This will keep you from developing bad habits but still allow you to practice between formal coaching sessions.

Former consultants = Seasoned coaches.

Coaches have honed the art of pressure-testing their students’ capabilities and pushing you to a level of polish that you couldn’t reach alone. Coaches can analyze your performance, identify your strengths, and drill you on your development areas. Leveraging knowledge of “the game” from past experiences, coaches will guide you in a way that your studies, observations, and peers cannot.

When it comes to practicing for consulting case interviews, personalized feedback and training is vital. Coaches can provide unique benefits, such as…

  • Comparing you directly to your competition (i.e. other candidates they’ve worked with)
  • Developing a customized networking and and case interview prep schedule honed to your target firms
  • Drilling you on your technical and structural development areas and tracking your improvement over time
  • Calling attention to nuances in your interview style (e.g. the fact that you tend to downplay your volunteer work, use certain business vocabulary incorrectly, or play with your hair)

Our coaches at Consulting Interview Coach know what it takes for you to be successful. Make sure you’re ready to play ball this recruiting season by working with one of our coaches today!