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The consulting industry acceptance rate, from resume-drop to offer, is approximately 5 side note: our clients* experience a 5x better offer-rate). Given these figures, some folks do find themselves disappointed with no consulting offer. If this is your situation, we have good news for you: you have options! Specifically, you can decide to 1) re-recruit for consulting or 2) pivot to another industry where consulting-esque skills are relevant.

Re-group and Re-Recruit:

  • Continue to gain new experiences, build your brand, and demonstrate leadership
  • Leverage past relationships: recruiters appreciate seeing a familiar face in the crowd
  • Utilize the lessons learned from recruiting to hone your efforts for the next cycle
  • Be confident in your past efforts, and remember – this ain’t your first rodeo!

Pivoting to a New Future:

  • Business Development:
    • A common destination for consultants, “biz dev” involves the M&A and finance aspects of an organization. As such, consulting skills of analytics and modeling are highly valued in this arena. Moreover, a stint in a business development group can serve as a launching-pad to consulting, venture capital, or private equity.
  • Corporate Strategy:
    • Another function that attracts consulting practitioners, corporate strategy involves advising executive teams to better seize new opportunities or protect against emerging threats. Similar to biz dev, this route can serve as a base from which you can easily transition to other professional pursuits.
  • Entrepreneurship:
    • When running your own organization, you’re forced to wear many hats in a highly dynamic and challenging environment. From marketing to finance, operations to IT, this route provides the same fast-paced, exciting experience that is associated with consulting.

In short, you should view a less-than-successful recruiting outcome as an opportunity rather than a setback. Whether you decide to reenter the recruiting process or pivot to another pursuit, the preparation you’ve put into pitching your unique value prop and solving case problems will serve you well for future endeavors.

If you’re still in the hunt for a career in consulting, give yourself a 5x better chance of getting a consulting offer and sign-up with a Consulting Interview Coach today!

*Refers to clients who receive 2 or more hours of coaching

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