Order Coaching Services

  • During your virtual video session, you'll work with a coach through a mock case and/or drills tailored to your target firms and development needs. Each of our coaches is well-versed in both candidate-led and interviewer-led cases, allowing you to prepare for multiple firms with one coach, or spread your learning across several coaches.

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  • Drawing on our experience in consulting and coaching, we've developed a case interview workbook to supplement your case prep. Through the book you'll navigate 30 exercises involving 5 unique cases to help you hone your case skills. Covering industries from mining to medical products, and business problems including M&A, strategy, growth, and market entry, you'll build a familiarity with the structure and cadence of a typical consulting case interview while working at your own pace.
  • Case+

    By scheduling a Case+ session, you’ll receive customized case interview training from our coaches that led consulting engagements and/or had more senior positions on recruiting teams.
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  • With the purchase of a Behavioral Interview session, we'll work with you to tailor your behavioral interview answers based on your personal goals and experiences in order to best tell your unique story.
  • By submitting your resume and cover letter to a Consulting Interview Coach, you'll benefit from a thorough review plus 20 minutes of feedback across a variety of categories. You'll also gain access to consulting resume and cover letter examples,  and be taught how to promote yourself effectively by weaving a compelling story across the two documents.
  • To demonstrate our coaching methodology, we offer a 30-minute trial. During the session, we'll review your recruiting situation, conduct a ~20 minute mock interview (case or behavioral), analyze your performance, and discuss our services. Please note: there is a limit of 1 trial interview per client.