Case Interview Workbook

Case Interview Workbook


Drawing on our experience in consulting and coaching, we’ve developed a case interview workbook to supplement your case prep. Through the book you’ll navigate 30 exercises involving 5 unique cases to help you hone your case skills.

Covering industries from mining to medical products, and business problems including M&A, strategy, growth, and market entry, you’ll build a familiarity with the structure and cadence of a typical consulting case interview while working at your own pace.



Our case interview workbook is designed to supplement your case prep by giving you the opportunity to tackle case examples in discrete segments and compare your answers to how our coaches might have approached the problem.

While there is no replacement for live interview prep, you can increase your familiarity with the structure and cadence of a case on your own, which will translate into more thoughtful answers when practicing live.

Each of the cases will consist of the below exercises:

  • Summarizing the case prompt
  • Developing a targeted, custom framework
  • Analyzing data and delivering insights
  • Responding to probing questions
  • Crafting a recommendation