The first filter in the recruiting process is the resume and cover letter review.

This process is hyper efficient, taking less than 20 seconds per resume, and allows for only the smallest margin of error. Even students with 4.0 GPAs and 800 GMAT scores are eliminated without pause if the reviewer finds mistakes, has difficulty understanding your impact, or can’t identify a specific brand being promoted by the candidate.

Our coaches will help you craft a story that compellingly conveys your past successes, explains your interest in your target firm, and promotes a unique brand.

Note: the reviewer can provide feedback on up to two documents per session

Resume AND / OR Cover Letter Review

  • off-line review of up to 2 documents
  • 20 min discussion of comments / suggested edits
  • Coaches will check for:
  • – Style / Consistency
  • – Grammar / Spelling
  • – Story Flow Across Multiple Documents

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