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Offer for a Data Scientist role at Mckinsey

Happy to let you know that I passed the final round and received an offer for a Data Scientist role at McKinsey (Madrid office). Thank you very much for your help preparing for the interviews.


McKinsey Offer Recipient

Good news!

Thank you so so much for everything! I can't thank your team enough for the hours and hours you spent practicing case and fit with me and I'm certain there was no better resource to prepare out there. I had something ready for every fit question, and I was actually surprised at how naturally some of the analysis seemed to come to me on my last interviews, for instance what data points to ask for and what risks needed to be considered. I'm really grateful for how supportive and accommodating your coaches were throughout the process. Thank you!

McKinsey Offer Recipient

All coaches were very friendly, helpful and professional.

Thank you Consulting Interview Coach for helping me land a dream job in life science consulting! I worked with several coaches on resume, cover letter, behavioral, and case preparation. The coaches were all very friendly, supportive, and helpful. Their insightful feedback and advice provided me with both the knowledge and confidence to perform well in my interviews. I would highly recommend Consulting Interview Coach!



CIC immediately understood my needs and step-by-step helped me reach the next level!

Looking at my resume before and after the coaching, I immediately noticed an expert hand! Preparing Behavioral and Technical questions was really enjoyable and useful. It was my first experience with coaching and I'll definitely use the service in the future. After a few sessions I felt much more confident!


Google Candidate

Gave me confidence

I worked with Max and Carlos to get into BCG as an experienced hire. I thought both were easy to talk to and provided useful tips. Most importantly though is that they gave me the confidence to succeed which is key to dealing with these types of interviews.

BCG Offer Recipient

Clearly it was worth the investment

I officially received and signed the paperwork! Thank you and your team so much for your assistance, clearly it was worth the investment. I think I spent close to $1k altogether between the two packages but my salary will jump $55k alone so I would recover my investment and more on my first check alone! Again, thank you so much for the support.


Oliver Wyman Offer Recipient

Great People, Super Advice

Everything was very well structured following a standard interview setup. Thank you so much - your advice and insight was key to a successful interview. You are a great bunch of people!


McKinsey & BCG Offer Recipient

I absolutely loved my coaching experience.

I contacted [CIC] about two weeks before my interview. I had zero experience with case studies in regards to the interview process. CIC was able to coach me through a variety of case types. Each one was unique which allowed me to be extra prepared on my interview day. My coach worked with me to improve my case interview skills and was beyond flexible with my busy work schedule. He made the case interview experience far less terrifying for me. He was an absolute pleasure to work with. Because of the coaching that I received, I was able to go into my interview with Deloitte Consulting feeling completely confident. I received an offer which I would not have been able to do without his coaching. I highly recommend the case interview prep from Consulting Interview Coach. It will absolutely help you to perform better during your case interview.


Deloitte S&O Offer Recipient

I have just received a BA offer at McKinsey

I just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you for all of your help in this process!

I have just received a BA offer at McKinsey. I couldn’t have done it without the confidence that you and your coaches gave me in my prep process!

Thank you again. I will be sure to recommend CIC to those coming up beneath me!


McKinsey Offer Recipient

CIC exceeded my expectations!

As an experienced hire with no case interview experience, it was important for me to have a structured strategy to excel in the consulting interview process. With a customized experience, CIC exceeded my expectations as I could see my behavioral and case interview skills improve as the sessions progressed. Through [the] coaching, the case interview process has become demystified, and I now feel very confident for my interviews.


PwC & Booz Allen Hamilton Offer Recipient

CIC is the real deal!

Can't say thank you enough! They were great to work with. Very professional and prompt. Also, the feedback was exceptional, with specific examples and really helped shape my resume with insights and suggestions. I would recommend the resume review service to anyone serious about getting into consulting. CIC is the real deal!


McKinsey & Co. Candidate

Good news!

I wanted to share some good news with you. Yesterday, I received a call from the recruiter at Deloitte letting me know that I will be offered the role of Consultant. I cannot thank you enough for all of your help the past few weeks. Through the work that we did in our sessions I was able to feel much more confident going into the interview and clearly it made a positive impact! I felt like I got incredible value for the money that I spent and was very impressed with your company.


Deloitte Human Capital Offer Recipient

Consulting Interview Coach was great!

Very fair as far as timing and was really able to focus on the areas I needed to work on and provide great feedback.


PwC Candidate

I just got the offer!!!!

Thank you so much!!! The sessions made a huge difference...Thank you for being a great resource - I really appreciate it.


Deloitte Technology Offer Recipient

AMAZING NEWS: I got the offer from Bain!!!!

Each of the coaches that I have worked with the past couple months have been extremely helpful. They have taken my casing abilities from 0 to 10 in such a short period of time. I truly enjoyed every interaction. Moreover, each coach was completely invested in my success and would ask for progress updates throughout my interview process! I couldn't have gotten the offer that I received without this service!!!


Bain Offer Recipient

I received offers from Tesla, Google, and LinkedIn

Thank you so much for your mentorship with interviewing! I liked your coaching style and our sessions really helped me figure out what to work on and be more confident going in.

Google, Tesla, & LinkedIn Offer Recipient

My experience with CIC was top-notch!

My proficiency in handling case interviews went from 0-60 in only a few sessions. Overall, the cases I did with [CIC] matched, and in many ways exceeded, the rigor and difficulty of my interview with BCG. Thus, my time with CIC made me well prepared for interview day!


BCG Candidate

Made the difference to help me get the offer!

The coaching was appropriate and adaptive...I really appreciated how the coaches tailored my coaching session to meet my needs. My coaches' feedback was thoughtful, extremely detailed, and ultimately made the difference to help me get the offer!


Oliver Wyman Offer Recipient

Thanks so much for all your help along the way!

I had no experience in business or consulting going into the consulting interview process. I'm positive that Consulting Interview Coach helped me get an offer from McKinsey by the end of it!


McKinsey Offer Recipient

Thank your team for the crucial help I needed

I did get an offer after a 2nd round interview indeed. That's quite an exciting result of the overall preparation, and once again, thank your team for the crucial help I needed.


Bain Offer Recipient

I got the offer from Bain!!!!

Coaching with CIC tremendously helped me in getting my offer at Bain. They gave really helpful feedback, tracked my areas for further improvement and even helped me structure my resume better.  If you are serious about getting a offer, I definitely recommend the CIC team, do at least 4 cases with them, it goes a long way.

Bain Offer Recipient

I've had an excellent experience with CIC and received an offer from BCG!

My sessions with the case coaches were extremely helpful in my preparation, and I was able to easily track my progress along the way with each session providing targeted feedback across the key dimensions tested within the actual interviews. I would definitely recommend CIC as an important resource to candidates targeting top consulting firms.


BCG Offer Recipient

I ended up getting an offer from my two top choices of firms McKinsey and Bain

The case coaches were very helpful, I ended up getting an offer from my two top choices of firms McKinsey and Bain. The case coaches provide interviewees with a means of methodical practice with structured objective feedback that they cannot get with their peers, this is essential for succeeding in the consulting interview process.

McKinsey & Bain Offer Recipient

Bain offered me the job

I had two sessions with Niha (an ex-Bain employee) in preparation for my interviews with Bain. I had already done a lot of prep, including many hours of practice cases with friends, and I knew I had the basics nailed but wanted to make sure I hadn't picked up any bad habits I wasn't aware of. I found my sessions with Niha really helpful in polishing my technique and tailoring it to match what Bain looks for, and she gave me some other really useful pointers for the interview. Bain offered me the job, and I can definitely recommend others in a similar position consider taking a session or two with CIC before their interviews!


Bain Offer Recipient

Such incredible coaches! Offer from McKinsey Bangkok

Alex & Jeff were very helpful with case practices. They were able to pinpoint my mistakes and show me how a real consultant would answer. Bensey was really good at helping me with PEI for McKinsey interview. She was able to give me examples + customized tips to improve my story.

McKinsey Offer Recipient

The coaching I definitely needed!

Switching from dentistry to business my junior year was incredibly intimidating until I got the right help from CIC. They assisted me throughout the entire recruitment process, from strengthening my resume and cover letter, to practicing behavioral and case interviews as much as I needed. Additionally, outside of our sessions my coach was always available to answer any last minute questions or concerns that I had. After my first few sessions, there was a new feeling of confidence and reassurance!


PwC Offer Recipient

Working with CIC was the best decision I could have made

When I approached Consulting Interview Coach, I was in the midst of applying to consulting roles (and strategy roles at various tech firms) and I was particularly nervous about the interview process. As an international student, I also had a lot of doubts about my communication skills and did not know exactly how I could improve.

All of the coaches I worked with were outstanding and supportive throughout the entire interview preparation process. They were very patient when I made mistakes and provided me with specific and constructive feedback. As a result, I felt MUCH more confident, articulate and relaxed during my subsequent interviews and received job offers from some of the firms at the top of my list.

I highly recommend Consulting Interview Coach to anyone who wants to make the absolute most of their interview opportunities.


Google Offer Recipient

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